Following – The Series

Over the course of 4 Wednesdays join me (Karen) as we delve deep into the realm of following. Each Class will be two hours long and will cover (at least) 2 topics.

In these follow focused classes, we will be exploring the wonderful world of following different swing dances with topics covering connection, momentum, turns, body isolation, variations, styling, leading the lead, and more.

Classes will be held at “The Party House of Nims” 649 S Windsor Mesa, AZ 85204

Tentative class schedule all classes 7pm-9pm:

January 16- Connection and Leading Your Lead

January 30- Body Isolation and Radical Rock Steps, Sweet Swivels, Tasty Twists, and Badass Bal-Changes

February 13 – Momentum, The Enigma That is 3&4, & Swing Out Variations

February 27 – Jazzin’ it Up! and Spin Me Right Round

While these classes will be follow focused there will be material leads will definitely benefit from as well.

Follows, pre-register for all four classes for ONLY $60 ($15/session); Leads, register for all four sessions for ONLY $40

Drop in class rates- Follows: $20/class leads: $10/class

As always, we feel finances shouldn’t hold anyone back from participating in our events. Please shoot either Karen Vizzard Hopkins or Dabney Hopkins a message and let’s work something out! We seriously want everyone to come!

If we get enough interest we will look into moving to a larger studio.

Follows to Register:
1. Fill out Registration form Below
2. Click the “Pay Now To Register” Link below
3. Enter payment information

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Leads to Register:
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2. Wait for confirmation email with further instructions on how to pay.