Weekend Events

Every year The Kats Korner hosts 3 major weekend events, where swing dancers from all over the world come to be a part of them! Below is more information on the different events we host as well as their websites!

BadAZ Balboa

Balboa was a dance created in the early 20th century off of the coast of Southern California. The art of Balboa is in the subtle communication between the lead and follow, including weight shifts, which most viewers cannot see. As a result, Balboa is considered more of a “dancer’s dance” than a “spectator’s dance”.

Held in March, BadAZ Balboa is Arizona’s only weekend event completely dedicated to this intricate dance! It consists of dances, competitions, classes, and is a weekend not to be missed!

For more information visit the website at www.badazbal.com

SWINGdepenDANCE Workshop Weekend

Over 4th of July weekend SWINGdepenDANCE is dedicated to all forms of vernacular jazz dancing from the early 20th Century! With multiple tracks of classes, night time dances, and the “Arizona Swing Dance Championships”, it is Arizona’s largest instructional Swing Dance weekend! From Lindy Hop to Shag it has everything a dancer could want!

Learn how you can declare YOUR SWINGdepenDANCE with us this 4th of July visit the website at: www.swingdependance.com

The Phoenix Lindy Exchange

Every November the Phoenix Lindy Exchange (PHXLX) is host to hundreds of dancers from all over the world! In conjunction with the Arizona Classic Jazz Society we put together a festival of dancing and music. PHXLX is one of Arizona’s longest running events and boasts GREAT Music, Wonderful dancing, entertaining contests and MUCH MORE!!

People come from literally all over the world to check out our swing dance community here in Phoenix, and we don’t disappoint! With over 12 of the hottest swing bands on the festival circuit playing for us all weekend long, and late night guest DJs keeping everyone on their feet until 4 or 5am, this truly is one of the most epic weekend you could possibly attend. Now, with the addition of mini dance workshops during the band breaks, there really is something for everyone! And the best part? In keeping with Lindy Exchange tradition, we are committed to keeping the price as low as possible!!

Come check out this incredible weekend event at www.phoenixlindyexchange.com and see our amazing prices! Register early to get the best deals!!

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